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Tyrell "T–Eazy" Robinson has made a reputation for himself with his charismatic, laid-back, and easygoing personality. Kids in his Crown Heights community would call him Eazy because he rarely stressed anything – so the name just stuck. However, please don't confuse him; easygoing should not be mistaken for a lack of drive or ambition.
He fell in love with music early and was introduced to rap by his older brother, who had Eazy laying down ad-libs to his songs. At 11, he was already writing songs for other rap artists. Eazy bought a karaoke machine and started recording his music, which would ultimately help T-Eazy land his first radio performance on Harlem's Dark-Fame radio. He would battle-rap, join ciphers, and make mixtapes for his peers. He was building a following.



He obtained an Associates Degree in Business Management from BMCC and has four street albums along with an EP out in circulation. Building a formidable catalog of music through consistency is very important for this entertainer. Rocking the studio is one part, tearing up the stage and captivating the audience is the other. The mixture of the two has allowed T-Eazy's career to effloresce. His summertime single “Surfboard” has even gotten a few spins on NYC radio station POWER 105.1. Since then he has been featured on VladTV, WorldStarHipHop, and just to name a few. Promoters recognizing his talent have invited T-Eazy to shut down shows within the tri-state area and all the way down to Texas.
It is this drive & ambition that earned T-Eazy an opportunity to perform at Howard University's Homecoming. He has also opened shows for notable acts like Maino, J.R. Writer, Hell Rell, Fred The Godson (R.I.P.), 2 Chainz, Mack Wilds, Big Sean, Young Dro, and many others. Now a father of two beautiful girls, T-Eazy's maturation is apparent in his music. Eazy covers a wide array of different subject matters. "I talk about life, party vibes, female stages, make-up, break-up, forgiveness, real-life situations, work, school, kids, balancing, struggling, and keeping a roof over kids' heads. Have a good time, life. Different emotions, feelings, etc." he asserts. He is always working on new music. Stream the new single "Whippin" featuring his StrongArm Production label mate King Gorilla and London producer Sean Murdz. "Whippin" can be downloaded on his website T-EAZY.COM

“What I’m spittin real, What I b spittin is true, Crazy cuz Iʹm spittin me, But still spit it 4 u Words floatin thru my head, I b spittin it heavy g, Canʹt say Iʹm sick, Cuz wat I spit is a remedy Go hard wit da bars, 2 make sure u remember me, No 1 hit wonder, I spit 4 longevity.”
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